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Cross Boccia

Cross Boccia

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The gymmyzz® Cross Boccia is an action-packed urban trend sport. The successor to the time-honored throwing game opens up completely new possibilities for players. Although the game is played with small stuffed bags, the so-called "sacks", the basic principle of Cross Boccia remains the same as that of its predecessors. First, a small sack is thrown to mark the current target. Then everyone tries

players to place their own bags as close to the target as possible.

In Cross Boccia, however, the game is not played on a flat surface, but the game is expanded to include the third dimension. It therefore offers a special attraction for urban adventurers who are looking for action not only in the park, but also across the public municipal space on uneven terrain, fallow land or in empty industrial areas.

The target bag can, for example, be thrown onto a wall, a staircase, into a fork in a branch or onto a park bench. Anything that is legal and from where the hacky sacks can be collected is allowed.

The "sacks" can also be used as footbags.


  • Set for 3 players
  • 7 balls - (3x 2 balls plus small target ball)


All gymmyzz® items are made with tested, sustainable materials within the EU.


Most of the gymmyzz® equipment items are manufactured in our own factory and of course we do not use any animal materials - in other words, all our products are 100% vegan.

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Area of ​​application / care

The gymmyzz® equipment items can be used indoors and outdoors. The most important thing is that you have a lot of fun with it and keep moving.

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