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The Sneaky Panther

The Sneaky Panther

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The black panther does not describe an independent animal species, but represents a special form of the leopard or Panthera pardus. Aha. Baghira in The Jungle Book is a pretty unpalatable fellow, but isn't that the case with all species? There are probably a few 'black sheep' in all of them, because actually panthers are just a bit pompous cats. They enjoy paw licking, hang out in trees, love to watch others, and are concerned about their appearance. But what's really crazy: In a sprint, a leopard can reach more than 60 km/h.

If you are also a really fast animal, like your paws, warm areas where there is always something going on, your velvet paws should definitely have a «Sneaky Panther-gymmyzz®»


    The gymmyzz® are all elaborately handcrafted and produced with great care in our own factory in the EU. This is the only way we can guarantee everything that is really important to you and us:

    • fair wages and a good working atmosphere
    • short distances for the smallest possible CO2 footprint
    • 100% EU materials
    • Certification according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®
    • TÜV tested and certified
    • In addition to certified cotton fabrics, vegan synthetic leather is used for the upper material
    • The rubber sole with the pyramid profile provides the necessary grip on the gym floor.

    Due to the design, the gymmyzz® should only be worn indoors and on smooth, non-abrasive floors.


    The gymmyzz® is manufactured in our own factory and of course we do not use any animal materials - in other words, all our products are 100% vegan.

    Shipping / Returns

    Depending on your wishes, the gymmyzz® will be delivered within 2-4 working days.

    If the size does not fit or you do not like the item, you can easily return it within 30 days.

    Area of ​​application / care

    Due to the design of the device sneakers, they are only suitable for indoor use and on smooth floors.

    For gymnastics, music lessons or chilling at home.

    And if you want to wash the gymmyzz® in between, you can easily hand wash it.

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